Flex Windows

Layout, Menus, and Toolbars

Flex Windows was added as a layout option in Travelport Smartpoint 8.0. Flex Windows supports a maximum of nine windows, which can each be changed to different sizes, orders, and themes. Both template and customized layout options are available.

Flex Windows offers:

  • A Main Toolbar panel with icons for default features and tasks in Travelport Smartpoint. Icons for optional or custom plug-ins may also be displayed.
  • A Queues Toolbar to manage queues and queue settings.

Please Note: This topic describes the default layout and options for Travelport Smartpoint. However, your agency may have customized Travelport Smartpoint to add, remove, or change the location of icons and features.

Main Toolbar Panel

Flex Windows uses icons to display toolbar options.

Icon Description

Click the Search icon to select from:

Click the Sell icon to select from:

Click the Tools icon to select from:

Note: Customized tools added by your agency may also be displayed.

Click the Trip Quote icon to open Trip Quote.

View and download software and updates from Travelport Marketplace.

Note: This icon is displayed only if your agency has enabled integration between Travelport Marketplace and Travelport Smartpoint.

Replay entries.

Help links for supporting content.

Application Settings with links to:

  • Application Settings dialog box
  • Flex Windows Layouts
  • Reset All Settings to Factory Defaults
  • Quit Application

Toggle for the Hotel Retail interface, which integrates into your hotel booking workflow to provide all relevant hotel information in one place.

The results of a Hotel Availability Search vary depending on whether the Hotel Retail icon is enabled. If the icon is:

  • Enabled, search responses are displayed in the Hotel List in Hotel Retail.
  • Disabled, search responses are returned in a standard Hotel Availability response.

Note: The Hotel Retail icon is displayed only if Hotel Retail is enabled for your agency in Travelport Marketplace.

Opens Smartpanel, which provides an advanced Fare Shopping search option for unbooked itineraries.

Tip! In previous versions of Smartpoint, the Smartpanel icon was displayed as FS .

Open the QuickCommands panel.

The More Options icon links to the All Plugins list, which can be used to display links to additional plug-ins, including custom plug-ins added directly by your agency.

Tip! You can click-and-drag other plug-ins from the main menu into the All Plugins list.

Displays Agent Alerts.

Tip! When an Agent Alert is available, the icon turns orange .

Queues Toolbar

The Queues toolbar can be used to manage queues for the PCC.

Icon Description

Managing queues.

Viewing queue counts with Quick Count.

Viewing and opening queues from the queue count.

Polling queues.

Setting queue count options.