Selecting Window Layouts

Travelport Smartpoint provides several options for window layouts:

Classic Windows

Classic Windows is the original Travelport Smartpoint layout, and continues to be the default layout.

Flex Windows

Flex Windows was added as a layout option in Travelport Smartpoint 8.0. Flex Windows supports a maximum of five windows, which can each be changed to different sizes, orders, and themes. Both template and customized layout options are available.\

The default Flex Windows layout with a PNR Viewer and one window.

Flex Windows with five windows, including the PNR Viewer.

Grid View

The Grid View layout, also known as Four Window View, is available as an option within Classic Windows. This view allows you to display four windows at one time.

Tip! Grid View provides some, but not all, of the features also available through Flex Windows. Grid View also has some limitations on display for newer features, so the Flex Windows layout is recommended over Grid View.