Flex Windows

As of Release 8.0, Travelport Smartpoint offers a Flex Windows option for window layouts.

Using Flex Windows

Feature Description

Switching between Classic Windows and Flex Windows

By default, Smartpoint is displayed in the original Classic Windows theme. However, you can switch between Classic Windows and Flex Windows at any time.

Updating Plugins

Because of coding changes required for Flex Windows, some plug-ins must be updated on Travelport Smartpoint 8.0 or later to function in Flex Windows.

If Travelport Smartpoint detects that these plug-ins have not been updated, Smartpoint does not allow you to switch from Classic Windows to Flex Windows. Instead, an error message is returned.

Layout and Menus

Descriptions of icons in the main menu panel and queues panel.

Adding and Deleting Windows

By default, Flex Windows displays two windows, including a PNR Viewer window. However, you can change this default by:

  • Adding windows to a maximum of nine windows.
  • Deleting windows to a minimum of one window.
  • Adding or deleting PNR Viewer windows.
  • Selecting preset layouts to automatically change the number and arrangement of the windows.

Rearranging Windows

You can rearrange windows in Flex Windows by either:

Resizing Windows

In Flex Windows, you can change the an increase or decrease the height of a window by either:

Changing Window Colors

In Flex Windows, you can change the color scheme for each window.

Togging Between Native Mode and Interactive Mode

Change individual windows to native mode to display data directly from Travelport+ (1G) or Apollo (1V) system without any interactive functionality.

Redirecting Sell Entries for Last Availability

You can choose a default setting for which window you want to sell from for last availability sells and its follow-on entries. This setting applies to air, car, and hotel entries.