Viewing Agent Alerts

Agent Alerts contain relevant advertisements based on your current activities in Smartpoint. These alerts can help you identify great offers. If you click an offer, it opens within Smartpoint.

Opening the Agent Alerts Panel

The Agent Alert panel opens automatically when a new message within Smartpoint is received.

You can also open the Agent Alerts panel at any time, by either:

  • Classic Windows. Clicking the Agent Alerts icon in the PNR Viewer Action bar.
  • Flex Windows. Clicking the Agent Alerts icon in the Flex Windows main menu.

Tip! When an Agent Alert is available, the icon turns orange .

Using the Agent Alerts Panel

If your Terminal screens are in the four-window grid view, the Agent Alerts Panel is displayed either to the left of your Terminal screen or in the lower left corner of the screen, depending on the size of your screen.

A new message is indicated with an orange bar to the left of the message. The panel displays a maximum of 10 messages.

Click the blue button or text within the message to view the alert. After you read the message, the indicator to the left of the message turns gray.

Types of Agent Alerts

Different types of agent alerts can provide shortcuts to information including: lowest public rates, preferred providers, and destination resources



If the agent alert is a headline ad for an Air Availability, you can click on the banner to filter your search to that airline or hotel chain.

Tip! As of Smartpoint 9.1, hotel ads are not returned with air or car responses if your PCC has not booked hotel segments in more than 12 months.

If the agent alert links to a web site for a Destination Management Organization (DMO) such as a tourist board, the link displays the site in a separate browser window.

These links are informational only. Bookings continue to be made through Smartpoint.

These links may display for Air Availability, Hotel Availability, and Car Availability results.

If the agent alert displays a Dynamic Rate Update (DRU), the lowest public rates are displayed for a hotel property. You can click the alert to display the Complete Hotel Availability for the same dates as your initial search.

These links may display for Air Availability, Hotel Availability, and Car Availability results.

Closing the Agent Alerts Panel

You can close the open Agent Alerts panel by clicking anywhere on the screen.

If you do not click on the Agent Alerts messages, the panel eventually closes automatically.