Updating Reference Data

Travelport Smartpoint uses Reference Data to "translate" between codes, used by the Travelport+ (1G) and Apollo (1V) systems, and human-language text. For example, if you hover over the AMS city code, Smartpoint is using Reference Data to display the code as Amsterdam.

There are a number of reference data categories that map between information, such as:

  • Airport codes and airport names.
  • Country codes and country names.
  • Hotel property codes and hotel property names.
  • Geo-code locations and reference point names.

Travelport Smartpoint uses a Reference Database to store this code information, as well as supplier logos and similar data.

As a travel agent, you do not need to have any direct involvement with Reference Data. However, it is necessary for Smartpoint to periodically update Reference Data to ensure that you are viewing the most recent information. These updates occur automatically, but you can also choose to update manually.

Automatically Updating Reference Data

In previous releases, Reference Data was updated only when a new version of Smartpoint was installed. As of Travelport Smartpoint 7.2, Smartpoint periodically updates Reference Data in a silent installation. While the update installation is automatic, you must restart Smartpoint to activate the updates.

After installation, an Agent Alert indicates the update.

Click Restart if you want to activate the Reference Data updates immediately. Otherwise, the Reference Data updates will activate the next time that you close and restart Smartpoint.

Manually Updating Reference Data

To check for updates to Reference Data at any time, from the Tools menu, select Reference Data Updater.

  • If your version of Reference Data is the latest version, the following message displays. Click OK to close.
  • If your version of Reference Data is the not the latest version, the following message displays.

Click Yes to update Reference Data.