Hotel Retail

As of Travelport Smartpoint 9.1, Hotel Retail is activated for all agencies and enabled for all agents, by default.


Hotel Retail

Selecting a Property from the Hotel List

A Hotel List (Hotel Availability Display) is displayed in the Hotel Retail window after you make either:

  • A Hotel Availability Search.

  • A Hotel Complete Availability request for a known Property ID. For example: HOC1APR-5APR//32041/2.

Note: If you do not have Hotel Retail installed or enabled, a standard Hotel Availability display is returned.

The Hotel Retail window displays:

  • Special Offers at the top of the page, if available for this search. Click the Details link for more information.

  • A list of hotel properties in the left pane.

  • A map that shows the corresponding location of the listed properties in the right pane.
    Tip! You can also use the Hotel Retail map to search for properties in other locations and get driving directions.

  • A Terminal pane at the bottom of the window to view or add Travelport+ (1G) or Apollo (1V) formats.

Description of the Hotel Property List

Each row in the list contains information about a property and associated rates that meet the requested search requirements. If applicable, Featured Properties display at the top of the Property List.

Viewing and Selecting a Hotel Property

To request detailed rates and rules for a specific property:

  1. Optional. Filter the hotel list for available hotels, required amenities, distance from your search location, or preferred currency.

  1. Optional.Click Sort By to sort the hotel list by rate amounts or to search priorities, such as hotel name, distance and rating.

  1. Optional. Click the Page Down arrow to view more hotel properties on the next page, if available. Twenty-five properties are available per page.

  1. Select a hotel property to view all of the rates associated with that property. To select a property from either the property list or the map.

The rate and room information for the selected property are displayed. See Hotel Retail: Rate and Rule Details for more information about viewing and selecting rates for a hotel property.

Tip! Click a rate for a property in the Hotel List to scroll directly to that rate type in the Rate Details list.

  1. Optional. Select another hotel to view rates associated with that property. Or, click the close box in the RATE DETAILS section to redisplay the Hotel List.