Fare Shopping

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Fare Shopping provides access to the wealth of Travelport 360 Fares and searches for low fares and available flights in the same request.

There are several ways to request Fare Shopping searches depending on your preferences and search requirements.

Type of Fare Shopping


Fare Shopping with Terminal Formats

Uses the FS terminal entry to price either unbooked or booked itineraries at the lowest available fare. Responses for booked fares also returns the lowest priced alternative itineraries.

Focalpoint Shopping supports one-way, round-trip, circle trip, and single and double open-jaw itineraries, as well as Fare Shopping search modifiers supported by terminal entries.

Flight Shopping

Uses a fill-in screen to provide Fare Shopping for unbooked itineraries.

Flight Shopping supports a limited number of availability and fare modifiers for more simple search requirements:

  • One-way and round-trip itineraries.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Cabin type (booking code).
  • One preferred airline.
  • Preferred currency.


Uses a fill-in screen to provide Fare Shopping for unbooked itineraries.

Smartpanel supports a wide variety of availability and fares modifiers for more detailed search requirements:

  • Templates that allow you to apply pre-set search parameters, such as classes of service, departure time windows, or account codes.
  • Multiple sectors and multiple passengers.
  • Published, net and private fares, which can be searched individually or jointly.
  • A range of availability and fare modifiers.