Setting Queue Count Options

To manage your queues, you can change queue count options, which includes:

  • Setting a maximum of ten queues and categories to be managed.
  • Setting a maximum of five queues and categories to display in QuickView, which displays at the side of the Terminal Window.
  • Displaying queue change notifications.
  • Enabling queue count polling.
  • Setting the time period to poll QuickView queue counts.

You can set queue count options for your most commonly used queues. You can also clear your settings and reset to your default options.

To set queue count options:
  1. Click the Options icon.
  2. Classic Windows. The icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the Terminal Window.
  3. Flex Windows. The icon is displayed in the lower left corner of the Flex Windows layout.

QuickView Queues

For each queue option:

  1. In PCC, enter the pseudo city code for the queue.
  2. In Queue, enter the queue number.
  3. Optional. Select Visible if you want the queue or queue category to be displayed in QuickView. A maximum of five queues and queue categories can be displayed in QuickView.
  4. Optional. In Category, enter the category associated to the queue. If you enter more than one category for the same queue number, each category displays as a separate item in QuickView.

Queue Count Polling

To poll queue counts:

  1. Optional. Select Display queue change notifications if you want Travelport Smartpoint to automatically advise you when PNRs/Booking Files are added to a queue.
  2. Optional. Select Enable queue count polling if you want Smartpoint to automatically check your for updates to queue counts.

Note: If you do not enable automatic queue count polling, you must click the Polling icon each time that you want to update your queue counts.

  1. Optional. If you enabled queue count polling in Step 7, enter a polling time in Poll QuickView queue totals every XX minutes. The minimum polling time is 15 minutes.
To reset clear count options:

At any time, you can click CLEAR to clear all of your queue entries and return to the default settings.