EMD Manager: EMD-S


Creating EMD-S


You can use the EMD Manager to automate the available EMDs and reason codes by location and airline. EMD Manager replaces the information found in the Airline EMD Fact Sheet.

EMD Manager also supports the same functionality as the following terminal formats for both Travelport+ (1G) and Apollo (1V):

  • EMDL (EMD List)
  • EMDI (EMD Issue)
  • EMDD (EMD Display)
  • EMDH (EMD History)
  • EMDV (EMD Void)
  • EMDD (EMD Refund)

Other tasks related to EMD-S are currently supported only through terminal formats. For details, see Standalone Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD-S) Galileo/Apollo User Guide at KB0028824 in the Travelport Knowledge Base.

Creating an EMD-S

You can use the EMD Manager to create Stand-Alone EMDs (EMD-S) for supported countries and carriers.

To create an EMD-S using EMD Manager:
  1. Create a PNR/Booking File with at least one non-flight-related service. The carrier must support EMD-S for the applicable country.
  1. Create a Service Segment (SVC) for each applicable Ancillary Service. SVC segments that are created using both terminal formats and the Service Segments script are displayed in the EMD Manager.
  2. When all of the Service Segments are created for the PNR, you can either:
  • Flex Windows. Click the Tools icon and select EMD Manager.

The Services tab of the EMD Manager displays any SVC segments. A ticket number displays automatically if it is associated to the SVC.

Tip! If you also created ASCV segments when you booked Ancillary Services, the list displays these ASVC segments to issue EMD-A. You can issue both EMD-S and EMD-A from the combined SVC/ASCV list.

  1. Optional. You can add ticket numbers, taxes, and commissions to SVC Segments. Click the Edit icon in an SVC Segment that you want to modify. The Additional Details window displays for the selected Service Segment.
  2. By default, EMDs use the form of payment for the PNR, indicated by (PNR). However, you can override the form of payment for an SVC segment without changing the original form of payment for the PNR.
  1. After you complete all changes to any Service Segments, click Select All or select the check boxes for individual segments.

  1. Optional. Select the Print check box in the lower left corner to print EMD receipts and/or credit card charge forms when the EMD is issued.

If you do not already have selected print options for this itinerary, the Print Options window is displayed automatically.

  1. Optional. Select the Email check box in the lower left corner to automatically email an an Additional Services/Fees Receipt when the EMD is issued. A separate receipt is sent for each selected passenger in the PNR/Booking File.

Tip! The Email check box is shaded and disabled if no email address is associated to the PNR/Booking File. This feature is available in Smartpoint 8.2 and later. In earlier versions, you must use terminal formats to email.

  1. After you complete updates for any SVC segments, select the segments for which you want to create EMDs. Or, select the Select All check box to select all SVCs in the list.
  1. Click Issue to create EMDs for each of the selected SVC segments.

A confirmation message displays at the top of the EMD Manager window, and the services list is redisplayed with the status OPEN FOR USE indicated for each successfully issued EMD.

Next Steps

After an EMD is issued, you can:

  • Return to the EMD Manager to:
    • Issue more EMDs.
    • Make changes to unissued EMDs.
    • View the for history for issued EMDs.
    • Void or refund issued EMDs.
  • Click EMDL in the PNR Booking File to view the EMD segments.