Using Customized Scripts with ScriptWriter Plus

ScriptWriter Plus enables you to design your own customized interface between Smartpoint and the Travelport+ (1G) or Apollo (1V) system. ScriptWriter Plus has two components:

  • ScriptWriter Plus Build allows you to create customized scripts.
  • ScriptWriter Plus Run allows you to run your customized scripts.

Building ScriptWriter Plus Scripts

Contact your Travelport representative to request access to ScriptWriter Plus Build.

See the Help system that is installed with ScriptWriter Plus Build for more information about creating customized ScriptWriter Plus scripts.

Running ScriptWriter Plus Scripts

There are several ways to run ScriptWriter Plus scripts that have been created by your agency. You can either:

  • Display all Scriptwriter Plus script, then select a script.
  • Run a specific script.

Displaying All ScriptWriter Plus scripts

To display all ScriptWriter Plus scripts, you can either:

  • Press ALT+J.

  • In the Terminal Window, enter the #SCRIPT quick command.

  • From the Tools menu, select ScriptWriter Plus Run.

A pop-up window displays the icons for your available scripts.

Running a Specific ScriptWriter Plus Script

To display ScriptWriter Plus scripts, you can either:

  • Enter #SCRIPT c:\script1.key , where script1.key is the file name of the script.

  1. In Key, selected the desired programmable key.

  2. In Type, select SW + Script.

  3. In Assignment, enter the script path or click Browse to locate the script.

    • Note that ScriptWriter Plus script have the .key file name extension.

    • In this example, c:\ is the hard drive and script1.key is the file name of the script.

  4. In Description, enter a description for the Pkey.

  5. Click SAVE.

Note: In Smartpoint 11.3, an error was corrected to ensure that scripts execute in the correct window when multiple application windows are open.

More Information

For more information and detailed instructions, see: