Getting Started with Travelport Smartpoint

Welcome to Help for Travelport Smartpoint!


To get started, see our latest updates for Smartpoint 11.2.1 in What's New.

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Installation Options and Installation Guides

Options for Smartpoint installations and links to Smartpoint Installation Guides for agent and technical audiences.

Launching Travelport Smartpoint

Launching Smartpoint, including launching for the first time and launching with Galileo Desktop hidden or shown.

Signing On

Signing on to Smartpoint, including:

Signing Off

Signing off from single or multiple connections.

GDS Languages and Formats

Setting your GDS language, setting keyboard mapping, and links to Travelport+ (1G) and Apollo (1V) formats, as well as format conversions between GDS languages.

Human Languages

Changing local languages and translated glossaries for screen text.

Managing Connections

Setting TCP/IP connections and selecting your connection.

Minimizing and Maximizing Travelport Smartpoint

Minimizing and maximizing the Smartpoint application window.

Switching Between Smartpoint and Galileo Desktop

Switching between Smartpoint and Galileo Desktop.

Updating Smartpoint

There are several options to update Smartpoint. Please confirm the options available for your agency with your Smartpoint Administrator.

Linking to the Travelport Knowledge Base

The Smartpoint Help contains links to the Travelport Knowledge Base for general information, such as host formats and travel industry information.

This topic explains how to:

  • Troubleshoot failed links to "KB" articles in the Knowledge Base.
  • Correctly create a link to the Knowledge Base that will remain accurate after the article is updated.