Getting Credentials

Each request to Universal API requires proper authorization credentials. A required User ID and password is supplied by Travelport. The User ID identifies the email address for the agency or other travel provider, as well as the submitting entity (person or system) associated with the address.

Universal API has multiple data sources (providers), and uses a hierarchical structure for its profile system; therefore, several types of credentials may be needed in a request.

Note: Suppliers, such as air carriers, hotel chains, car rental companies, and other data sources, may require additional credentials to allow Universal API direct access to their systems. These credentials are not included directly in Universal API requests, but are included as part of provisioning a client application in the Travelport Admin Portal.

Requesting Credentials

Travelport provides the following options for new and existing customers to access Universal API:

  1. During a 30-Day Trial period, prospective customers are allowed access to Universal API's Pre-Production system via the Universal API Sandbox, which provides the capability to send and receive XML messages via Travelport’s Universal API Web Services.

  2. Important! Please note that Sandbox credentials are intended for evaluation purposes only. You must not conduct any development without signing a contract.

  3. Pre-Production credentials are available after finalization of a contract with Travelport. This can occur at any time, regardless of whether you choose to test Universal API in the Sandbox. When your contract is finalized, you:

    • Are provided with unique credentials to access Universal API's Pre-Production system.

    • Begin to work with Travelport's API Support and Development teams to complete the Certification process for your Universal API client application.

  4. After your client application has received Universal API certification, you are provided with access to the Universal API Production system.

Sample of Credentials

See Sample Request and Response for a sample of a credentialed transaction with Universal API.