Travelport’s Universal API certification process evaluates and certifies Universal API applications to ensure that the applications are suitable for access to Travelport’s Production environment. Certification is mutually beneficial to both Travelport and our customers by ensuring that client applications are:

Throughout the certification process, customers will communicate with Travelport’s Global API Support team.

The certification process covers Travelport’s Global API Support engagement from the introductory call with a customer at the beginning of their development phase, through the move-to-production certification review, and to three weeks beyond final customer deployment. The appropriate Travelport teams are engaged in the certification process to ensure that capacity, performance, security, and product considerations are all addressed. Follow-up activity for the certification process can include scheduled checkpoints with customers in the months and years following deployment.

The key elements of the certification process are to:

Certification Process

Please Note: After the initial certification process, additional certifications may be required as client applications add or update functionality.

To complete the certification evaluation, Travelport requires 15 business days advance notice prior to a customer’s desired move-to-production date. The evaluation may contain either recommended or required changes. Any required changes must be completed and validated by Travelport before the customer can be certified and approval is given to move to production.

  1. Log into MyTravelport.

  2. Click the Developer Tools menu, then select Travelport Universal API.

  3. Click the Build tab.

  4. Scroll down or click the Certification menu on the left, then click the Ready to be Certified button.

  5. Complete the form and attach any supporting documentation, such as the completed questionnaire.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Travelport API Support will assess the application, then arrange a Move-to-Production call to discuss the review and outline any changes that are be needed to optimize the application.

  8. After you have been certified, you will receive your production credentials as well as an Administration Portal Welcome Letter with your Admin Portal credentials and instructions on how to use it.

See Development on the Pre-Production System for more details.


If you make major changes to your client application, you must notify us to determine if your application needs to be re-certified. Re-certification ensures that capacity is sufficient and that you have appropriate permissions for your new content. These changes include, but are not limited to:

You can request re-certification using MyTravelport.

  1. Log into using MyTravelport.

  2. Click the Developer Tools menu, then select Travelport Universal API.

  3. Click the Follow On Development tab.

  4. Scroll down and click the Request Re-Certification button.

  5. Complete the form and attach any supporting documentation.

  6. Click Submit.