Universal API Support

At Travelport, there is a powerful interdependency between the technology solutions we provide and the elements of Service and Support in creating value to our customers and partners; travel agencies, corporations, suppliers, and developers.

Travelport provides the following support for Universal API:

New Customers

Important! If you are a new customer and would like to speak with someone about Universal API pricing and available options, please use the Contact Us form to submit your request for a prompt response.


MyTravelport (https://my.travelport.com) is Travelport's single sign-on customer portal for information, support, and services. MyTravelport can be accessed on any device, at anytime, and anywhere you can connect to the internet. Using MyTravelport, customers can raise a support request, update it, monitor its status, close it, and reopen it (if needed).

Note: Any support requests that are open in ORS (Online Reporting System) can now be accessed in MyTravelport.

MyTravelport supports three developer user roles:

Travelport Universal API

  1. Log into MyTravelport.

  2. Click the Developer Tools menu and select Travelport Universal API.

Search Knowledge Base

MyTravelport provides access to the ASK Travelport knowledge base, which contains over 90 categories of information from everyday business processes to agency billing and local market products and services. New content is added daily. Users can receive immediate answers to questions 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Depending upon the provider (GDS), ASK Travelport is available in multiple languages.

Should the answer to a question not be immediately available, questions can be submitted to our experienced agents without the need for a phone call. It is also possible to subscribe to product and service advisories that provide timely updates on the latest Travelport news. A log of questions and incidents raised by each travel consultant via phone or e-mail can also be accessed via ASK Travelport.

Before you implement your new Universal API client application, please confirm your ASK Travelport support credentials. As a subscriber, you may currently have credentials. If not please take a few moments to self-register for ASK Travelport. Your ASK Travelport credentials also provide access to the Travelport Developers technical support site, which provides information specific to Universal API and our other API products.

Universal API Technical Support

Universal API Technical Support is available to provide assistance with a variety of technical and industry-based questions. If you need specialized service or consulting, Technical Support can refer you to the appropriate contacts at Travelport.

Due to the detailed nature of most inquiries, we recommend contacting Technical Support using MyTravelport.

Travelport Developer Site

The Developer site (developer.travelport.com) was created with the developer in mind, providing access to a variety of tools, features, forum, and developer white papers. To get started with your development, go to the Universal API Getting Started page (https://developer.travelport.com/app/developer-network/getting-started-uapi).








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