Downloading Universal API WSDLs and Schema

Starting in 2020, Travelport releases are numbered with the two-digit year plus the quarter in which it is released, then the number of the release for that quarter. For example, the second release in the first quarter of 2020 is numbered release 20.1.2.

Schema Download

Current production release 19.2 schema is available as a zip , along with the differences file. Refer to the table below to download previous releases.

Each Universal API release may include multiple schema versions (v.*.*) within the release because previous releases may be updated to support backwards compatibility.

Review the Schema Support and Retirement Policy to determine when individual schema versions were released and will be retired.

Schema Versions

As new releases occur, so do differences in the Universal API schema. Each link below downloads a zip file of differences between the releases listed.

When you upgrade, depending on the number of schema versions which you plan to jump, you may choose to download the latest WSDL and code to that, or look at the diffs from one version to the next to determine the exact changes that occurred between each schema version from your current version to the latest version.

Schema Download Release Date Schema Release Differences Differences Zip File

Current 19.2


Version 19.2 Release-V19.1.0.53-Release-



02-Aug-19 (Bug Fix)

Version 19.1 Release-V18.4.1.19-Release-


08-Dec-18 Version 18.4 Release-V18.3.0.39-Release-


11-Aug-18 Version 18.3 Release-V18.2.0-Release-


05-May-18 Version 18.2 Release-V18.1.0.69-Release-18.2.0


24-Feb-18 Version 18.1 Release-V17.4.0.36-Release-


14-Oct-17 Version 17.4 Release-V17.3.0.35-Release-


13-Jul-17 Version 17.3 Release-V17.2-Release-17.3.0


18-Apr-17 Version 17.2 Release-V17.2.0.67-Release-V17.1.0.46

17.1 25-Jan-17 Version 17.1 Release-V17.1.0.46-Release-V16.4.0.17

16.4 2-Nov-16 Version 16.4 Release-V16.4.0.17-Release-V16.3.0.33
16.3 10-Aug-16

Version 16.3 Release-V16.3.0.33-Release-V16.2.0.59

16.2 18-May-16

Version 16.2 Release-V16.2.0.59-Release-V16.1.1.17

16.1 5-Mar-16

Version 16.1 Release-V16.1.0.60-Release-V15.5.0.66

15.5 15-Dec-15

Version 15.5 Release-V15.5.0.91-Release-V15.4.0.59

15.4 23-Sep-15

Version 15.4: Release-V15.4.0.59-Release-V15.3.0.83

15.3 30-Jun-15

Version 15.3: Release-V15.3.0.83-Release-V15.2.0.59

15.2 22-Apr-15

Version 15.2: Release-V15.2.0.59-Release-V15.1.0.81