Pricing Itineraries (Fare Quote)

Fare Quote (Travelport+) and Air Pricing (Apollo) provide pricing for air segments in an itinerary. Travelport updates fares several times a day to ensure accurate fare quotes.

Depending on the transaction and the type of carrier, pricing may be required or recommended at certain points in the shopping and booking process.

For all carriers, pricing:
  • Is required after Air Availability to provide fares for the selected segments.
  • Is required before final booking or ticketing if you make changes to the PNR/Booking File that affect the fare. For example:
  • Adding or changing paid seat assignments.
  • Adding or changing other ancillary services.
  • Adding traveler loyalty (frequent flyer) memberships, promotion codes, discount codes, or other fare-changing data.
For Direct Payment Carriers, pricing:
For Network (GDS) Carriers, pricing:
  • Is strongly recommended after Fare Shopping. While a selected availability and pricing option can be booked without pricing for Network Carriers, it is best practice to price before booking to validate your selected pricing option.