Searching for Air Availability with Smartpanel

With Smartpanel, you can search for air availability to return scheduled flights an itinerary. Smartpanel provides advanced search features to:

  • Store complicated entries and modifiers.
  • Apply advanced search criteria, including multiple sectors and multiple passengers.
  • Request one search as one journey for split tickets and pricing.
To search for air availability with Smartpanel:
  1. Open Smartpanel.

Note: This example shows Smartpanel in the Flex Windows view. However, the fields are the same in the Smartpanel tab in Classic Windows.

  1. In the Air Search tab, select the Air Availability radio button. The first flight segment displays with the current date.

Shortcut! If you created a template for a frequent itinerary, you can apply the template by clicking the Choose a template to apply arrow in the upper right corner.

  1. In Depart, enter the departure date and month for the flight segment.
Tip! In Smartpoint 9.1 and later, agents can search and book on the previous two days, if an earlier date is valid in the time zone of the itinerary city or location.
  1. In From, enter the departure airport name or city name, or city code.
  1. Optional. Select Multi to apply multiple departure airports for the associated metropolitan area.
  1. In To, enter the arrival airport name or city name, or city code.
  1. Optional. Select Multi to apply multiple arrival airports for the associated metropolitan area.
  2. Optional. Click the Time arrow to select a preferred departure time.
  1. Optional. In Direct, enter Y for direct flights or N for non-direct flights. If you leave this field blank, both direct and non-direct flights are returned.
  2. Optional. In Carriers, enter a preferred carrier code.

    You can add a maximum of three carrier codes using a slash / to separate. For example: BA/LH/AF.
  3. Optional. Click the Fare Type arrow to select a fare type. Depending on the selected fare type, you may also need to enter an Account Code.
  1. Optional. Click the Availability Modifiers icon open the Availability Modifiers window to enter advanced search modifiers for connections, carriers, and booking codes.
  1. Optional. To add additional segments, click the Add Segment icon. You can add eight additional segments for a total of nine segments in one itinerary. You can also remove segments at any time by clicking the Remove icon.

Tip! If you add more than two segments in Flex Windows, you can click and drag the corner of the window to resize the window for the new rows.

  1. Optional. Click the Passengers arrow, to select the up to nine passengers for the itinerary. By default, Smartpoint searches for one passenger.
  2. Click SEARCH to display air availability results.

Or, click:

  • RESET to reset the or clear the segment list.
  • Flex Windows. The Close box exit to Smartpanel without searching.

Tip! Any changes made through the Smartpanel are automatically updated in the PNR/Booking File. You can also select Auto Refresh from PNR to automatically reflect any changes made directly to the PNR/Booking File in Smartpanel.

  1. From the air availability results, select the booking code for the desired segment.
  2. After selecting the booking code, you can click the Air Pricing tab to use Smartpanel to add pricing modifiers and price (fare quote) the itinerary.

Tip! You can also use the Edit tab to change the departure, segment status, or booking code.