Reference Data

Reference data includes a number of categories of encode/decode data that contain mappings between human-readable, travel-industry names and codes recognized by Universal API. This data is also used internally within Universal API for validation.

Reference data provides industry-specific information, such as supplier names, locations, and currencies. For example, the DEN city code decodes to Denver, and O'Hare Airport encodes to ORD. In addition to encoding and decoding data, reference data also serves to maintain relationships between types of data.

While some types of reference data, such as city and airport codes, are standardized, other types of local data are obtained directly from suppliers. Because these codes change on a regular basis, updates are provided as they become available.


See the following transactions for Reference Data:

Accessing Reference Data

Several Universal API transactions support reference data:

Some data types are also available only through the Reference Data Zip File on MyTravelport (My Travelport > Developer Tools > Build Your Travel App > Travelport Universal API > Resources > Travelport Reference Data Tables)

  1. Open the My Travelport Developers support site at:
  2. Click the Developer Tools menu and select Travelport Universal API.
  3. Click the Resources tab.
  4. In the Developer Tools section of the Resources tab, click Travelport Reference Data Tables link to save the latest file.
  5. Extract the downloaded file and retrieve the respective Reference Data tables.

Sources for Reference Data

There are several sources for reference data. For some types of reference data, these sources may vary depending on the Universal API schema version.

Note: Some types of data may contain codes from several types of sources. These data types are listed as Travelport-proprietary codes because they do not contain a single standard.

Note: Travelport may use a subset of data from a standardized source or may include codes that are not part of that standard. Therefore, do not use the encode and decode information provided directly by an organization.

See Types of Reference Data for source and access information for specific types of data.

Using ReferenceDataRetrieveReq to View or Cache Files

To retrieve reference data files for viewing or caching, most data types are available using ReferenceDataRetrieveReq @TypeCode.

  1. In ReferenceDataRetrieveReq @TypeCode, enter one of Data Type Code values listed in the annotation. See details in Types of Reference Data.

  2. Optional. In /ReferenceDataSearchModifiers, enter one or more modifiers to narrow the search results: @MaxResults, @StartFromResult, and @ProviderCode.


    • Subcategories of hotel amenities can be requested by combining TypeCode="HotelAmenities" subcategories specified in ReferenceDataRetrieveReq/RequestReferenceDataItem.

  3. Optional. Save the data for caching in the desired format or database. The following instructions provide options for converting XML to a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.

Types of Reference Data

Type of data




Accounting Reference Types

Accounting reference types to categorize a traveler's bookings. Accounting reference codes are often used by the traveler's employer for budgeting, internal billing, or other cost accounting purposes.

The valid codes for the AccountingReference @Type attribute (for example, ProfileCreateReq/ProfileData/AccountingReference @Type).

Travelport proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="AccountingReferenceType"

Accounting Remark Types

Accounting remark types

Travelport-proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="AccountingRemarkType"


Commercial airports

Travelport-proprietary data based on IATA city and airport codes.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="Airport"


Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RAPT.txt.

Air and Rail Miscellaneous Types

Air and rail seat positions (for example, aisle or window), classes of service, and some special request codes.

Codes returned can be used in the attributes CabinTypeMiscTravel, CabinTypeRefCategory, SeatTypeMiscTravel, SeatTypeRefCategory, and some SSR codes associated with a profile's AirPreference RailPreference elements.

Travelport-proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="AirAndRailMiscType"

Air and Rail Supplier Types

Air and rail suppliers. Codes returned can be used in the Supplier attribute associated with a profile's AirPreference and RailPreference elements.


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="AirAndRailSupplierType"

Class of Service (Booking Class)


Travelport-proprietary data based on carrier-specific booking codes.

Reference Data Zip file in RCLS.txt

Air Meal Service Types


Travelport-proprietary data.

Reference Data Zip file in RAML.txt

Business Type

Business codes


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="BusinessType"


Airline carriers (suppliers)


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="Carrier"

Check for RefData Retrieve




Travelport-proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="City"

Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RCTY.txt.



Cities and metropolitan (metro) areas with commercial airports

Travelport proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="CityAirport"

Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RCTY.txt and RMET.txt.


Countries with commercial airports and the referenced cities

Travelport proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="Country"


Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RCNT.txt.


Currency types

Travelport-proprietary data based on 2-character IATA country codes.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="Currency"


Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RCUR.txt and RCNT.txt.

Email Types

Email types

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="EmailType"

Airline Equipment

Aircraft equipment types

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="Equipment"


Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RAEQ.txt.

Geopolitical Areas

Geopolitical type name, code, and description of an area. See Profile Preferences for more information.


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="GeoPoliticalArea"


Hotel meal plans


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="HotelMealPlans"


Hotel bed codes and special requests

Codes can be used in the attributes BedTypeMiscTravel, BedTypeRefCategory, SpecialRequestMiscTravel, and SpecialRequestRefCategory associated with a profile's HotelPreference element.


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="HotelMiscType"


Hotel rate categories

1G Sample

1V Sample

1P Sample


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="HotelRateCategory"


Hotel room view types


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="HotelRoomViewType"


Hotel suppliers (chains or properties)

Codes returned can be used in the Supplier attribute associated with a profile's HotelPreference element.

Travelport proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="HotelSupplierType"

Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RHTL.txt. Associated brands are listed in AHTL.txt.


Types of hotel taxes


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="HotelTaxType"

Merchandising Offer Type

Types of merchandising offers.


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="MerchandisingOfferType"

Passenger Type Code (PTC)

The traveler's Passenger Type Code (PTC), formerly known as Passenger Identification Code (PIC).

Travelport proprietary data.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="PassengerTypeCode"

Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in PTYP.txt. Historical PIC codes are available in RPIC.txt.

Payment Format Type

Payment formats

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="PaymentFormatType"


Forms of payment

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="PaymentType"

Point-of-Sale Channel

Points of sale

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="PosChannel"


The traveler's gender

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="PersonGenderType"

Note that this value is not currently listed in the ReferenceDataRetrieveReq @TypeCode annotation. Disregard the TypeCode="Gender" value listed in the annotation and use "PersonGenderType".

Postal Address Type

The type of mailing address, such as Mailing, Shipping, Home, or Work

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="PostalAddressType"


Rail Accommodation

Seat and cabin information, such as forward or backward seat, aisle or window seat, and type of coach (cinema)

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="RailAccommodation"


Rail Discount and Loyalty Cards

Rail discount and/or loyalty cards, which may be sent in a RailAvailability request and RailCreateReservation request

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="RailDiscountLoyalty"


Rail Station/Location

Rail station T-Code or U-Code and IATA identifier, if available.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="RailStationLocation"


Rail Station/Location Modifiers Release 16.2

Contains attributes to narrow the search results and reduce the number of rail stations or locations returned in the response. By only returning data requested by the user, the contents of the rail station/locations table is reduced in size and user code to reduce the size should not be needed.

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq/ ReferenceDataSearchModifiers RailStationLocationModifiers


Reference Points

Reference Points used for Hotel searches.

Reference point text files can only be retrieved incrementally or at one time for use in caching.

Note: Reference Points are not supported for Worldspan (1P).

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="ReferencePointSearch"

Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in REFERENCE_POINTS.txt.

Resource Category Types

Types of resource categories


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="ResourceCategoryType"

Role Category Types

Types of role categories

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="RoleCategoryType"

SSR Types

Special Service Request (SSR) type codes

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="SsrType"


Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RSSR.txt.


States or provinces within the associated country, such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Canada


Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="State"


Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in RSTA.txt.


States and provinces

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="StateProvince"

Supplier Types

Returns codes for available suppliers

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="SupplierType"


The traveler's title or honorific


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="Title"

Vehicle Miscellaneous Type

Vehicle types

Codes returned can be used in the attributes SpecialEquipmentMiscTravel, SpecialEquipmentRefCategory, SpecialRequestMiscTravel, SpecialRequestRefCategory, VehicleTypeMiscTravel, and VehicleTypeRefCategory associated with a profile's VehiclePreference element.


ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="VehicleMiscType"

Vehicle Special Equipment

Vehicle codes for special equipment

For example:

  • bike rack <util:ReferenceDataItem Code="BikeRack" Name="Bicycle Rack" Description="Bicycle Rack" Deprecated="false"/>
  • ski rack <util:ReferenceDataItem Code="SkiRack" Name="Ski Rack" Description="Ski Rack" Deprecated="false"/>

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="VehicleSpecialEquipment"

Also available through reference data zip files in RCEQ.txt.

Vehicle Supplier Type

Vehicle rental companies (suppliers)

Codes returned can be used in the Supplier attribute associated with a profile's VehiclePreference element.

Travelport proprietary data

ReferenceDataRetrieveReq Name="VehicleSupplierType"

Also available through the Reference Data Zip file in ACAR.txt.