Rich Content and Branding

Important: Rich Content and Branding functionality is based on carriers participating in Travelport's Rich Content and Branding program.


Airlines organize their fares into commercially recognized products called brands, which they offer to consumers as products. Different service offerings are associated to each brand; some brands may include free-of-charge services as well as services for an additional charge. Each brand exists as a tier in relation to other brands within an airline program. Upsell from one brand to a higher brand is an integral part of branding.

Brands are associated to a Fare Family. A Fare Family can be defined by geographical locations or travel dates. For example, Fare Families define a carrier's different markets. If a carrier has only one global market, then the carrier has only one Family with several Brands inside that Family.

Brands are the levels of service offered within a Fare Family. For example, a carrier may have a brand for first class service, a brand for business class service, and a brand for economy service. Each brand can be associated with one Fare Family or multiple Fare Families.

The following transactions may return branded and upsell fares:

Important!  Rich Content and Branding functionality is available ONLY in the services listed above. The Branded Fare elements/attributes display in the schema for many Universal API services, but they are not enabled in any other Universal API services.

Branded and Upsell Fare Availability


The Branded Fares enhancement applies to Pricing Solutions and Price Points for Galileo (1G), Apollo (1V), Worldspan (1P), and Airline Content Hub (ACH).

Provider/Country support during exchanges

The Branded Fares enhancement applies to Pricing Solutions for: