Testing Best Practices: Overview

The Travelport Pre-Production system provides a copy of the data on the Travelport Production system and is available for your testing. Because the data is not live, you may notice instances where data does not perform as you expect.

This Best Practices guide provides suggestions for successfully testing your requests, responses, and application using our Pre-Production data. These suggestions are not an exhaustive list but will enable your testing to go more smoothly.

Important! Travelport does not recommend testing on the Production system. If testing on Production is ABSOLUTELY necessary, please make sure you carefully read the best practice guidelines.

Travelport recommends that testing of applications (and changes) should be done on Copy/Pre-Production. Note that ANY live bookings on the Production system can adversely affect Travelport’s vendors.

Remember — our providers and vendors, as well as the traveling public, are our customers and partners, and we must treat their inventory with the greatest care or we risk losing the privilege to book their space for training purposes.