Air Bookability Workflow Best Practices

Customers can improve their bookability by following one of Travelport’s recommended Air Bookability Workflow best practices. These best practices provide a workflow that will assist you in realizing more successful bookings and fewer sell failures. For example, one Travelport customer went from an average sell failure rate of 13.43% in January to a sell failure rate of 0.55% in February, simply by modifying their API workflow.


A large percentage of bookability failures are a result of inventory being sold between the beginning of the shop process and the end of the book process. Travelport's support team has developed several bookability workflows to significantly reduce the number of sell failures to ensure customer satisfaction. Contact your Travelport representative to see which bookability workflow would be best for your organization.

Note: The workflow diagrams are a suggestion, not a solution for everything. What works in some instances may not work in others. When implementing these workflows:

Two Air Bookability Workflows are available to follow for developers looking to optimize the capabilities of the Universal API System: