Fare Basis Codes (Forced Fares)

A Fare Basis is a unique identifier (within an airline) for the fare used to issue to the ticket. Fare Basis Codes can be used to create a specific fare to price, which overrides Universal API's system-generated fare responses. A Fare Basis Code can be provided for each segment in an itinerary.


Fare Basis Codes can be added in the FareBasisCode attribute:


The response includes Air Booking data with the requested FareBasisCode attribute included in AirPricingInfo.

When a Fare Basis Code is used to "force" the fares in an Air Booking or Universal Record Modify, the provider validates the rules of the code. Any rules that fail are returned as a warning in the response in /UniversalRecord/AirReservation/AirPricingInfo/FareInfo/FareRuleFailureInfo/Reason


For host consistency some providers need to internally duplicate SegmentRef data in AirSegmentPricingModifiers and Booking. If the SegmentRef sent in AirSegmentPricingModifiers is not the same as SegmentRef sent in AirPricingInfo/BookingInfo, an error is returned.


Worldspan and Axess

AirSegmentPricingModifiers @FareBasisCode is not supported for Worldspan (1P) or Axess (1J).