Air Availability

Description of Default Availability Results

Air Availability results are returned after a Air Availability search request is made.

The following examples show responses in Travelport+ (1G) and Apollo (1V), respectively, for a round-trip itinerary from Seattle (SEA airport/city code) to Tokyo (TYO city code). No airline, passenger, booking code (class of service) are included in the request.

For round-trip flights, outbound flights are displayed in the upper partition and return flights in the lower partition. Scroll down in each partition to see all availability.

By default, Smartpoint displays:

  • If present, Sponsored Flights are returned first, followed by Neutral Display flights. Typically, participating airlines use Travelport Sponsored Flights to promote a new service, display promotional fares, or highlight flights that you may not otherwise notice.
  • For Neutral Display flights, non-stop flights are returned first, followed by direct and connecting flights (based on the shortest time it takes to get from origin to destination).
  • Flights with a preferred departure of midnight for all possible travel options from 0001 through 1159.
  • Applicable flights of all participating airlines.

Tip! By default, 16 results are returned in the Air Availability display. However, you can use Search Settings to change the number of results returned in the display.

Description of an Air Availability Results Line

The following description shows the description of an Air Availability line.

Important! Some response items in the following list may not present in a given response, depending on the source and details of the Pricing Option.

The following table lists the components of the availability display and the components of line 1 of the display.

Response Item


Header line

Shows the day of week, date, the origin and destination cities, and the 24-hour period for which availability is displayed.

Click this icon to divide the window into two partitions, if required.

Promotional offers

Promotional offers may be displayed based on your agency and search parameters. If present, you can click links in green text to:

  • View airlines that filter the results to display only that airline.

  • View promotional offers from airlines, hotels, or other suppliers.

  • Link to a web site for a Destination Management Organization (DMO), such as a tourist board.


Line reference number.


Airport codes. You can hover over the airport code to see the associated city name.

0820 1050

Flight departure and arrival times (in local time for each city). Times are returned in 12-hour or 24-hour clocks depending on the settings for your pseudo city code (PCC).

Symbols between the departure time and arrival time indicates a difference between the departure date and the arrival date:

  • A plus sign (+) indicates that the flight arrives the following day. For example, a flight that departs SEA on May 07 arrives at NRT on May 08.
  • A "2" indicates that the flight arrives two days after departure. For example, a flight departing SFO on May 07 arrives at SYD on May 09.

  • A minus sign (-) indicates the flight arrives the day before the departure date. For example, a flight that departs GUM on May 07 arrives at HNL on May 06.


If present before the airline code, indicates a code share flight. Hover over the @ symbol to identify the operating carrier.




The flight number. You can hover over the flight number to display the terminal information, elapsed flying time, and on-time performance. For connecting flights, the ground time for the layover is also displayed.

J9 C9 D9 I9

Classes of service (booking codes) and number of seats available to sell in each class.

The color of the classes of service indicate the level of availability:

  • Green: Class available. Click on a green booking code to sell the segment.
  • Grey: Closed or zero seats available.
  • Orange: Waitlist.


Code for type of aircraft (equipment). You can:

  • Hover over the equipment code to identify the aircraft type. 


The Airline Participation Level. "C" indicates a Full Participation Carrier.


The carrier is able to identify where the request has come from and return the most up-to-date and appropriate availability to the display.


E-ticket available.

Branded fares available for this airline.

Click to see the Branded Fares options available for each class of service (booking code).

Note: The icon indicates that the airline supports branded fares, but does not indicate that branded fares apply to a specific flight or market.

Tip! Sponsored Flights only. If you click the class of service for a flight with branded fares, the Branded Fares screen is automatically displayed. For Sponsored Flights, you can skip the step of selecting <<B>>.

Displays if additional flights are available. Click More Flights to display the next set of flight responses.

You can also press ALT + M on the keyboard, instead of clicking with the mouse.

Note: Requesting more flights does not remove the original flight options. You can scroll up and down to view all availability options that are displayed.

Next Steps

You can change the display results by:

For more information about booking, seating, and ancillaries, see: