MyTravelport Introduction

New support process

In some regions, users will need to enter their CIDB or their 4-digit Key to Call PIN when they make a phone call to the helpdesk. This Key will be accessed through MyTravelport. If you do not have a MyTravelport account, register for one.

Use MyTravelport to:

  • Reset your password by selecting Request a temporary password. To use this feature, your user profile must contain the same email address that you use to sign into MyTravelport. For more information, refer to Reset Travelport host password.

  • Reset your client ID by selecting Request client ID reset.

MyTravelport is Travelport's single sign-on customer portal for information, support, and services. It will replace many existing Travelport customer portals and provides a consistent method of requesting support. MyTravelport can be accessed on any device, at anytime, and anywhere you can connect to the internet.

MyTravelport roles

The MyTravelport content and functions available to you depend upon your role within MyTravelport. Unless otherwise stated, functionality described in this help system is available to every user role. In the table below, the following icons indicate:

= The user role automatically has access to this function.

= An individual user with this role can be configured by the administrator to access this function.


Airline user

Airline agent

Airline admin

Airline automation analyst

Travel agent

Travel agency manager

Developer user

Developer admin

Distributor admin

Distributor customer developer admin

Distributor employee

Distributor user

Distributor developer

Sandbox developer

Smartpoint Cloud

Smartpoint Exchanges and Refunds

Hotel partner user

Hotel partner admin

Car partner user

Car partner admin

Access MyTravelport





Self-register without an Admin




Log in after Admin approval




Log in with credentials



MyTravelport Dashboard

MyTravelport dashboard



Chat with the help desk









Knowledge base

Find knowledge base articles



Find advisories



Save article




Search/View service alerts





View notifications



My Cases

View my cases





View my agency’s cases





Raise a case (Get Help)






Reset host password















Automation requests

Search/View automation requests



















Create an automation request



















My Settings

Update your profile




Reset MyTravelport password or security questions



Manage notification and email settings



Manage Users

Search/View user














Approve a user














Change user’s status














Edit user’s details














Change user’s role














Change/Add user’s CIDB














Change user’s type














Change user’s case view














Suspend/Terminate user














Add a user














Bulk upload users














Manage developers


















Grant external access















Multi-organization settings














Developer Tools

View developer product pages

















Request additional WABs



















Indicate move to certification