Travelport RESTful/JSON APIs Introduction

The Travelport RESTful/JSON APIs allow you to quickly build solutions for searching and booking travel across the full range of Travelport supplier content for air, hotel, and car. The RESTful/JSON APIs (formerly called Trip Services) offer an off-the-shelf menu for creating efficient, responsive travel applications.

This new suite of modern API microservices are modeled on the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) API standard. They use Open Distribution Methodology (ODM) concepts, making them easy to work with, standardized, reliable, and future-proof. The lightweight JSON format improves performance, makes them a better fit for mobile travelers, and supports increasing shopping volumes and search complexity.

The Air APIs support New Distribution Capability (NDC) content in addition to standard GDS content.

Note that the Travelport JSON APIs are in a early adopter program at this time. Please contact your Travelport representative if you are not yet using the JSON APIs and are interested in certification.

Why Travelport JSON APIs?

All the Travelport JSON APIs offer mobile-optimized search and a streamlined number of request parameters to increase performance and decrease response time. The JSON APIs are best suited for you if you're looking for:

  • Faster and lighter responses

  • The opportunity to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the travel search space.

  • A way to easily come up to speed in the travel technology domain

The JSON APIs balance speed, performance, and travel search developer needs.

The JSON Air APIs offer end-to-end support from search through ticketing:

Search APIs

  • Travelport's new Search API offers full air search capabilities on model v11, returning upsells and providing the most flexible search options.
  • AirSearch provides lowest-fare air search capabilities.
  • Fare Family Search returns the lowest fare plus upsells.


AirPrice supports pricing confirmation for a specified itinerary.


AirReservation books an air itinerary and generates a PNR. You can also use the Seats API to select seats as part of the booking workflow.


The AirTicketing APIs allow you to ticket a booked PNR, display details on a ticketed PNR, and void a ticket.


The Exchange APIs provide exchange and refund capabilities.



Other APIs support hospitality and payment:

Our collection of Hotel APIs provide hotel search, availability, rules, and booking, plus modify and cancel. The Pay API allows online travel agencies to request credit card authorizations, validations, and reversals.


Get Started

We make it fast and easy for developers to get up and running with the JSON APIs. Travelport provides detailed help information plus artifacts, allowing you to test APIs immediately.

This online help provides the following:

  • Release notes: Details of features for each API release, with links to additional information about that feature as applicable.
  • Common information such as endpoints and required request headers across groups of APIs.
  • Downloads: The Developer Toolkits provide sample request payloads and responses, Swagger files, and Postman collections.
  • Instructions for using Postman to test APIs before installing them in your development environment.
  • A dedicated section for every API, accessible via the left-hand navigation panel, that includes:
    • an overview highlighting features and functionality
    • discussion of the basic request and response formats
    • workflows
    • code examples
    • an API reference detailing the objects and attributes in all requests and responses

See Support Options for additional resources. Please contact your Travelport representative if you are interested in getting started with the JSON APIs.