How Do I...?

Smartpoint SDK provides many ways for you to extend Smartpoint. The following list provides a few helpful hints for handling some types of customization. Refer to the samples repository to download sample source code.

How do I...? Solution

Display an alert

Use SmartAlerts through the SmartAlertsHelper.

Show/Hide panels

Panels can be used to show information. Smartpoint has left, right, top, and bottom panels.

Create a window

Always use a ISmartpointWindow or one of its derived types when creating windows. This solution also shows how to open a browser window.

Add a menu item to the Tools menu

You can use Smartpoint SDK to add your own menu items to the Smartpoint menus.

Add content to the PNR viewer

You can add content to the PNR viewer using a custom PNR section.

Refresh the PNR viewer

The PNR viewer refreshes every time an agent changes the booking file. However, you can force a PNR viewer refresh using code.

Add content to the terminal window

Content can be added to the terminal window by appending information at the end of the current content, removing the current content and replacing it with other content, or by adding UI elements to the terminal window.

Access terminal emulation controls

TEControl is used to access the terminal emulator controls. You can also use the TEControl SmartDialogPanel to display content on top of the terminal emulator item.

Iterate through a collection

Smartpoint SDK has an InlineIterator method that is used to render an iteration of inline elements.

Call a plug-in from another plug-in

Plug-ins can be called from other plug-ins by defining a public method that is visible to other plug-ins.

Access session data

You can access context data about a session, such as current PCC, active work area, and other work areas.

Add a passive segment

You can add passive segments to the booking file. The SDK Console contains a TravelData snippet named Add passive segment to the booking file. You can use this snippet by modifying the date in the date objects.

Map agent registration and payment fields

Refer to TravelportMapping.xlsx for a mapping between Smartpoint SDK properties and agent and payment information.

Request assistance

Create a Support Request ticket using MyTravelport ( or alternatively ask a question in the Travelport Smartpoint SDK forum.