Register for Training

Browse the calendar for your region to view upcoming training webinar sessions. Calendars provide links for you to register for training. The monthly training EDM will also share the list of available Virtual Instructor led training. These emails are sent from or

Note: Ensure you register at least one day prior to the scheduled session.

  1. Select the date link of the course you wish to attend from your country's training page. The registration page for that course opens.

  2. Complete all required details on the registration form.

    • For phone number, click the Country/Region link to select your country/region. Enter the phone number in the Number field.

    • You need your store Pseudo (PCC) (required) and your CIDB number (optional). To find your PCC:

      • For Travelport+ (Galileo), enter C*

      • For Apollo, enter S*

      • For Worldspan, enter B$

    • Use the email address linked to your account.

  3. Select Register.

  4. Check your inbox for your email confirmation from This email includes all details needed to join the session: session title, date, time, session link, and password.

    1. Select the add session to calendar link to download the calendar invite.

    2. Open the invite file download.

    3. Accept the invite to add the session to your calendar.

Note: All training sessions are in English unless otherwise noted.

Important: Webinar training sessions require access to Webex. Participants should contact their IT department to download and install this software if required.

On the day of your training, follow the join training instructions. You can also click the link to download “Join Webex user guide” prior to session date. Once you click on the link, you will redirect to webinar session information page. Sometimes you may also find other available training manuals attached.