API and Airline Support Center

ORS has been retired and has been replaced with MyTravelport

Over the last few months you have received multiple e-mail notifications that Travelport was going to transition all users off ORS to MyTravelport, we have now completed this migration and we have switched off ORS from the public domain on December 7th 2017 at 1am GMT.

All your open support requests will be available in MyTravelport, and all new support requests should be created in MyTravelport.


Over the past months we have set up every customer organization with at least one MyTravelport administrator. This enables all other users to use the self-registration option which then goes to the admin for approval, an alternative is to have the admin set up the users. Please note that NDC users and their NDC customers should not follow the self registration path but have the admin do the activations. If you do not have an Admin or if you have other questions about MyTravelport please contact your account manager who will be able to guide you further. To familiarize yourself with MyTravelport please click the below link to the online help