Smartpoint Desktop Demonstrations (Apollo)

Smartpoint Desktop learning demonstrations are now available from the Course Catalog in MyTravelport.

Demonstrations are available in multiple languages. If your browser's default language matches a language that is available for demonstrations, that language's demonstration page displays. If there is no matching language, the English version displays. To select another language, select the Language icon ().

Learning Snippets

Unlock/Reset your host password in MyTravelport

Enhanced sign-on in Smartpoint 9

Enhanced Smartpanel

Intro to flex windows

Working with flex windows

Increased usability of Flex Windows in Travelport Smartpoint 8.1

Custom Trip Quote (Americas only)

Trip quote

Use EMD Manager to issue, review, void, and refund EMD-A (Travelport Apollo)

Use EMD Manager to issue, review, void, and refund EMD-S (Travelport Apollo)

Customize your PNR Viewer


Smartpoint Desktop Basic

Getting started with Smartpoint

Air availability search

Price, rebook and display branded fares

Flight Shopping Search and Trip Quote

Basic PNR fields

Working with profiles

Store the fare and complete a PNR

Add optional PNR fields

Move a profile, shop for flights and complete a PNR

Complete a PNR and assign seats

Complete a PNR using more host commands

Search for hotels and add rates to Trip Quote

Sell a hotel and complete a PNR

Add a hotel to an existing PNR

Modify and cancel a hotel

Search for car rental location and add rates to Trip Quote

Sell a car and complete a PNR

Sell air and car

Modify and cancel a car



Fare shop introduction

Pricing with account code

Air availability and seat map

Using the calendar, fare shop, and filter

Fare rules, cancellation, and search by class

Optional services and ancillary information

A la carte carrier pricing

Manual Ticket Exchanges

Exchange eTicket

Reissue ticket multi-passengers

Exchange change of cabin class using Fare Shop

Ticket Exchanges using Travelport Smartpoint Exchanges application Canada only

Voluntary exchange of a fully unused ticket

Voluntary exchange of a partially used ticket, 2 adults

Involuntary change

Name change

Exchange fully unused with Branded Fares, EMD issuance, 2 adults in the PNR

Issue later and collect the penalty with EMD

Voluntary exchange, fully unused with an already stored fare

Ticket Exchanges using Travelport Smartpoint Exchanges application US only, limited distribution

TC: Hidden 9/10/21 per Lisa Lamp b/c these are limited US audience.

Perform an exchange with a change fee using ARNE

Perform an exchange with a change fee/ARNE/two passengers

Create a manual fare



Enquiry: lowest rate intermediate car

Enquiry: lowest rate small, 4-door car

Book car: specific car/specific rental car company/special request

Book car: customer loyalty number

Modify car reservation

Book car: pick-up in city/drop-off at airport

Direct sell



Search for AAA 4-diamond hotel

Search for hotel by reference point: name

Search for hotel by property name

Search for hotel by address

Search for hotel by location type: beach

Modify hotel reservation

Cancel hotel reservation

Direct sell using customer preferences

Hotel Retail interface


Multi-modal (rail, bus, and ferry)

Multi-modal introduction

Emirates codeshare with SNCF

LH codeshare with LH Express Rail

Cathay Pacific codeshare with ferry

Stand-alone bus travel booked on AccesRail

Stand-alone train travel booked on AccesRail