Smartpoint Desktop Demonstrations (Worldspan)

Smartpoint Desktop learning demonstrations are now available from the Course Catalog in MyTravelport.

Learning Snippet

Enhancements to Smartscreen


Smartpoint Desktop Basic

Get started with Smartpoint for Travelport Worldspan

Customize Smartpoint for Worldspan

Display availability and book flights

Create a basic PNR

Book flights and create a ticket record

Add optional PNR fields - special service requests

Add optional PNR fields - remarks fields

Fare shop using Power Shopper

Book itinerary using Power Shopper

Display and copy a World File and complete the PNR

Blind copy a World File/assign seats

Search for a car

Add a car segment to an existing PNR

Book a car with a pick-up and drop-off at different airports

Cancel a car segment

Search for a hotel

Add a hotel booking to an existing PNR

Book a hotel PNR

Cancel a hotel segment



Air availability/Basic PNR

Fare shop/copy World File

Multiple passenger, multi-leg journey

Fare shop/Brands and ancillaries/Custom itinerary

Modify booking/Secure flight information

Paid seat/request meal/update SSR status

Fare shop/Passenger contact information

Direct payment carrier

Ancillary services/Pre-store form of payment in PNR


Issue EMD-A to fulfill additional services

Issue an EMD-S to fulfill an airline service fee

Issue EMD-S for multi-passenger and issue receipt

Book and fulfill multiple ancillary services

Void EMD issued with error

Issue EMD-A for multi-passenger specific services

Book and fulfill service, print EMD receipt after issue

Refund an issued EMD

Exchange an issued EMD



Search for car availability

Car availability with pick-up and drop-off at different airports

Book a specific car with special equipment and supplementary information

Book car: frequent renter ID number

Cancel car segment

Modify car segment

Book car: pick-up in city/drop-off at airport

Direct sell



Search for AAA 3- or 4-diamond hotel

Search for hotel by reference point name

Search for hotel by property name

Search for hotel by address or zip code

Search for hotel by reference point type

Cancel hotel reservation

Modify hotel reservation

Customize hotel default record


Multi-modal (rail, bus, and ferry)

Multi-modal introduction

Emirates codeshare with SNCF

LH codeshare with LH Express Rail

Cathay Pacific codeshare with ferry

Stand-alone bus travel booked on AccesRail

Stand-alone train travel booked on AccesRail