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Galileo Desktop v2.1

Galileo Desktop v2.1 (February 29, 2008)

Target Audience

  •  DO NOT INSTALL VERSION v2.1 if you have  programmable keys (PKEYS) which include any of the following three. Please use v2.0 instead in this case.

    • !CRS_DATE
    • !!REG_DATE
    • !CRS_TIME 
  •  If you are using a 64-bit version of XP or Vista, you must install by downloading the .ISO image (below) and creating a CD from the .ISO file.

  • New customers and customers upgrading from Focalpoint v3.5 or Galileo Desktop v1.01 should use this software.
  • Galileo Desktop™ v2.1 is considered an incremental update to for customers already running Galileo Desktop v2.0. This version is not considered a mandatory upgrade for these customers. If you are presently using Galileo v2.0, please read the what's new section further down this page. The list of new and fixed items will help you decide if this incremental upgrade is worth your time and effort to deploy.

Like the v2.0 release, Galileo Desktop v2.1 incorporates Focalpoint®, Relay, the run time version of ScriptWriter and Viewpoint™  products into one easy to use 32-bit Desktop Application. Galileo Desktop provides an easy to use graphical approach to booking travel, while keeping the traditional text based "Focalpoint" screens available. Galileo customers can easily toggle between the two views of their bookings, making quick use of their preferred method of handling various aspects of booking travel.

What's New In Version 2.1

Note, many of the additions or fixes listed below only apply to customers using the Galileo (1G) host system and not to customers using the Apollo (1V) host system. For example, references to "point and click" do not apply to Apollo customers. Any reference which includes "1G" refers to the Galileo host and not to the Apollo host. In general, the Apollo host is used in Canada, Japan, Mexico and the U.S. The Galileo host is used in the rest of the world.

  • Startup - If Galileo Desktop is configured to start in Terminal Mode (a.k.a. Focalpoint windows are display vs. the graphical windows), the login in screen which asks for the Apollo Sign In code and password can be . This allows customer who have their own "sign in script" to use that script upon startup.
  • PNR/Booking File - Expanded SSR Freeform Field
    To better support the recently released documentation SSRs, the free text field has been expanded to 180 characters, where required.
  • Car - Masking of Car Customer ID numbers
    Car suppliers are given the ability to 'mask' the Customer ID number in their segment sell response, in order to protect the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information associated with the Customer ID number.  Viewpoint and Focalpoint® will support this masking feature.
  • CarMaster® eVouchers - An eVoucher is an electronic, paperless confirmation of payment for the car rental, similar to an airline e-ticket. EVouchers will enable elimination of paper vouchers for car rentals, and reduce cost and improve efficiencies for agencies and car rental vendors.
  • Hotel - In the hotel availability and complete availability screens, “approximate total” has been renamed to “complete price”
  • Galileo Desktop used in conjunction with Galileo SSL - Fixed the problem seen on rare occasions where an ISP does not pass the "keep alive" message resulting in previous versions of Galileo Desktop losing the connection to the Apollo or Galileo host.
  • Custom Viewpoint was added to the Tools Options Menu in Focalpoint so the scripts can be viewed in Focalpoint.
  • If you adjust the Custom Viewpoint screen, the setting is now saved.
  • The location of the Custom Toolbar can now be configured by user via the Tools Menu on the General Tab.
  • The Viewpoint shortcut option to display the Low Fare Shopping dialog was added to the choices in the Custom Toolbar editor.
  • The Custom Viewpoint scripts for client file build and profile build were updated to change the passport host format from the PSPT SI/SSR field to the DOCS field.
  • You can now configure Desktop to boot to the terminal window without the desktop sign in prompt. This allows startup script to control the host sign in for automated apps.
  • Fixes to control inappropriate entries in the change passport dialog prevents a “looping” error condition with the change password function.
  • Ask Travelport was added to the default toolbar.
  • The Galileo e-Cruise toolbar button was removed from the default Apollo toolbar.
  • ACC modifier area were configured and commented out for future enhancement when host is ready.
  • Install screen now shows links to the supports languages for “What’s new” page.
  • Custom Toolbar Tools Menu option now working with the exception of two issues. 1) The Edit Custom Toolbar option needs to read the configured path 2) If the user types in a new path it needs to prompt with the message that Viewpoint needs to be closed and reopened to see the changes (this message displays ok when the different radio buttons are selected).
  • Trailing spaces are not truncated so users should be able to add blank profile and remark lines again like in desktop 1.01
  • Install option of whether items are backed up was moved to before previous version was uninstalled.
  • Silent Install was fixed to work with the selected SQL options. To do a silent installation, you must download the .ISO file, create a CD from the file and run SETUP from the CD. The Install Guide  you see when running SETUP from the CD or available here, provides the instructions for a silent installation.
  • SQL install options updated to include the same options on the Tools, Options menu.
  • HCM locking fix helps handling when there are network breaks.
  • Best buy by cabin added to fare quote on 1G
  • Expanded SSR freeform field to 180
  • Masking of car ID numbers
  • Car e-voucher support
  • Point and Click window can be accessed via the normal shortcut keys to view a terminal window. For example CTRL+5.
  • If the Point and Click window is minimized it is restored when using the shortcut keys to view (CTRL+5)
  • Point and Click user guide is updated to current version.

What's New In Version 2.0

  • Air - Preferred Seating and Mileage Checks
  • Cars - Rate Type sorts, additional car sizes, promotional codes, expanded car type codes, improved booking flow, enhanced descriptions and request displays, approximate rental totals, alternate car types, billing references and more.
  • Hotels - Hotel Leisure Rates, Best Available Rate Indicator
  • Document Production
  • Electronic Ticket Indicators (Galileo Only)
  • Automated MCO (Galileo Only)
  • Interline Ticketing Agreement
  • Bulk Ticketing Modifier (Galileo Only)
  • Fares/Pricing
  • PTC Enhancements
  • Personal Geography Modifiers
  • Private Fares
  • PNR/Booking File Enhancements
  • Re-Associate Itinerary Remarks
  • Special Service Requests (SSR’s)
  • New Viewpoint Options
  • Point and Click (Galileo only)

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System:

The installation wizard of Galileo Desktop™ does some primary install checks and if the operating system fails to meet them the installation will abort. The Galileo Desktop installation wizard will check:

  • Does the client have Administrative privileges?
  • Is the screen resolution set at 800X600?
  • Is the color depth at least 256 colors?
  • Is there sufficient disk space?
  • The operating system is Windows® 200 Professional, Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer version IE6.0 or higher
Software Requirements

Galileo Desktop v2.0 is supported and certified on:

  • Windows® Vista
  • Windows® XP
  • Windows® 2000 Professional, SP3
Hardware Requirements
  • Memory: Appropriate to the version of Windows
  • Processor:  Appropriate to the version of Windows
  • Video: Must be capable of supporting a minimum of 256 colors at a minimum resolution of 800x600 pixels
  • Hard disk space: 200 MB during installation, 120MB permanent.

Galileo Desktop™ on Windows 2000 requires Service Pack 3. This is available in the Additional Software option of the CD. Galileo Desktop v2.0 will not complete its install without Service Pack 3.

Galileo Desktop™ v2.0 is fully compatible with Citrix Servers and available for Terminal Service users.

Terminal Servers / Citrix Servers

For customers who need to run Galileo Desktop on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Server, the Install Guide has the instructions on how to do this type of setup. We recommend you download the .ISO image, create a CD and do your installations from CD vs. the self extracting archive (.EXE) file.


  •  If you are using a 64-bit version of XP or Vista, you must install by downloading the .ISO image (below) and creating a CD from the .ISO file, not from the "single file" link.
  • Galileo Desktop v2.1. (116MB). This is a single, self extracting installation file. Do NOT simply double-click this link and attempt to install this software directly from this web site ! Please save this file to your local computer by "Right Clicking" on the link and selecting "Save Target As". The file may be saved to your desktop or any download folder.
  • If you need the software on CD, you may download the CD in .ISO format .Unlike v2.0, v2.1 is NOT available from the Omnidata ( ) web site.
  • Galileo Desktop v2.1 Installation Guide  (This is a large PDF file and may take quite a while appear on your screen. You may wish to right click this link and save this file.)
  • Optional - Java Script Library (v1.03) for Galileo Desktop v2.1, v2.0 and v1.01. Also known as "Custom Viewpoint". PLEASE read the Overview BEFORE installing this software.
  • Optional - ScriptWriter Plus Library For Galileo Desktop v2.1, v2.0 and 1.01. These scripts are in the proprietary Galileo scripting format.
  • Note, you can install and use both types of scripting concurrently. There are no "software conflicts".

** Due to the size of Galileo Desktop download , a high-speed connection is recommended.
Note, the CD does not "auto-run". To install from CD, double-click My Computer (or Computer if using Vista), select your CD ROM drive, and click the setup.exe file.

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