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Note: This website is intended for software release for the Americas only!

For most customers, Version 2.6 supersedes all previous versions. This version should be used for all new installations and by customers who want the additional functionalities introduced with the latest version. This version also includes a fix for minor bugs in previous versions.

Please Note: As of March 14, 2014 only versions 2.5 and v2.6 will be eligible for support. Travelport requests all users upgrade to these later versions.

Like the previous releases, Galileo Desktop v2.6 incorporates Focalpoint®, Relay, the run time version of ScriptWriter and Viewpoint™ products into one easy to use 32-bit Desktop Application. Galileo Desktop provides an easy to use graphical approach to booking travel, while keeping the traditional text based "Focalpoint" screens available. Galileo customers can easily toggle between the two views of their bookings, making quick use of their preferred method of handling various aspects of booking travel.

Target Audience

  • The most current version, the version with the highest release number, should be used for all new installations, customers upgrading from Focalpoint v3.5, and customers upgrading from Galileo Desktop v1.01.

  • The current version includes fixes for customers currently running earlier versions of Galileo Desktop who may be experiencing problems with programmable keys, time out issues or other problems which are listed as being corrected in the "what's new notes" below.
  • The current version includes additional functionality such as the ability to bypass startup log in screens.
  • Links to download all three releases are at the bottom of this web page.
  • If you plan to create a "silent installation" to be used to push or pull the installation, you must use the ISO image to create a CD. The instructions on creating a silent installation are on the CD.
  • Please read the what's new section further down this page. The list of new and fixed items will help you decide if using this release worth your time and effort to deploy.


These are large files. Travelport suggests you DO NOT simply double-click the links and attempt to install this software directly from this web site! Please save the file to your local computer by "Right Clicking" on the link and selecting "Save Target As". The file may be saved to your desktop or any download folder.

Galileo Desktop - Self Extracting, Single File Installations

The latest version should be used in almost all cases. Older versions contain known bugs which have been fixed with the current release. Please Note: As of September 30, 2012 only versions 2.4 and v2.5 will be eligible for support. Travelport requests all users upgrade to these later versions. Earlier versions provided below are only supplied as a courtesy to customers who, for whatever reason, are unable to upgrade to the currently support versions..The older versions are provided as courtesy only for those customers who must, for whatever reason, continue to use older software.

Please note: the individual files are only available for older versions of Galileo Desktop!

Installation Guides

Note, if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and encounter a problem with a missing MSXML6-64 file, you have two choices

  • Obtain the MSLXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 software from Microsoft by clicking here. You want the msxml.msi file which is 2.3 MB in size.
  • Download the Galileo Desktop software in ISO format (below), burn a CD and run the Galileo Desktop installation from the CD.

Upgrade Path
  • An upgrade can be performed directly from Focalpoint v3.5 to any version of Galileo Desktop
  • An upgrade can be performed directly from any version of Galileo Desktop to any "higher version" of Galileo Desktop
  • There is no need to "upgrade in steps"
  • Even though user settings, Programmable Keys and Script files are preserved during any upgrade, it's good practice to make a backup copy of these items prior to starting the upgrade process.

What's New In Version 2.5

  • Internet Explorer 9 compatibility
  • Viewpoint support for enhanced hotel room and rule data, as well as Enhanced Best Available Rate (EBAR)
  • Point and Click support for the net fare modifier with fare display (1G Only)
  • Manual DOCO/DOCA/DOCS SSR support
  • Desktop SDK - Host Command:: MakeEntry can now be used to submit a terminal transaction to a specific Client ID/GTID.  (See Desktop SDK for details)
  • For complete details, click here.

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System:

The installation wizard of Galileo Desktop™ does some primary install checks and if the operating system fails to meet them the installation will abort. The Galileo Desktop installation wizard will check:

  • Does the client have Administrative privileges?
  • Is the screen resolution set to 800X600 or higher?
  • Is the color depth at least 256 colors?
  • Is there sufficient disk space?

Software Requirements

Galileo Desktop™ v2.x is fully compatible with Citrix Servers and available for Terminal Service users.

Terminal Servers / Citrix Servers

For customers who need to run Galileo Desktop on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Server, the Install Guide has the instructions on how to do this type of setup. We recommend you download the .ISO image, create a CD and do your installations from CD vs.. the self extracting archive (.EXE) file.

Ancillary Software - These Apply to All Versions Of Galileo Desktop

** Due to the size of Galileo Desktop download, a high-speed connection is recommended.

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